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 John Martin - Belshazzar's Feast

Belshazzar's Feast - John Martin 1820

As recorded in the book of Daniel, king Belshazzar made a great feast in which all of his princes, wives, and concubines would drink wine from the vessels stolen from the Temple in Jerusalem by his father Nebuchadnezzar. As the king celebrated amongst his lords within the setting of Babylonian architecture, no doubt enjoying the ecstasy of possessing the splendor of the Temple, and even holding God's chosen people in exile, the thought running through his mind perhaps was one of sheer foil over the one true Living God. Yet in the midst of Belshazzar's partying, enthralled in his vain glory, the king would suddenly become sober as the writing appeared on the wall....



Belshazzar's Feast - Rembrandt 1836

And so it was, the feast came to an abrupt halt as the writing appeared on the wall. All at once the king of Babylon's countenance was changed, and fear gripped Belshazzar to the core. That very night he was slain, and his kingdom lost (Daniel 5).

There is a great parallel, if not even prophecy of the demise of king Belshazzar and today's 'science' of evolution. Mankind's 'knowledge' is indeed as a 'king' which is dominated by the theory of evolution - the queen.... 'I sit as a queen' is the pomp of scientific inquiry, which is set up as an idol against the knowledge of God. 'Almighty man' says everything came from a 'Big Bang' and Earth is 'billions' of years old, it 'spins' and 'wobbles' on an axis and travels around the sun at hypersonic 66,000 mph. The Great Flood of Noah is a 'religious myth' and mankind 'evolved' from primates jockeying their way out of Africa (whilst being pummeled with volcanic ejecta), and thus the Word of God is... 'false'.... And the drunken 'feast' of evolution continues, but for only a short space.

"Come out of her, my people..." as in the final days before Christ's return to reap the Earth (which is young, fixed and destroyed), raise His saints to occupy the twelve thrones in His Kingdom, then burn up Earth and utterly dissolve it, God calls out to His people, because once the depth of scientific fraud is fully exposed, Babylon will fall. And the writing is on the wall....

To be continued...


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